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Living A Mining Heritage And Unlocking Value


Welcome to Sperrgetbiediamonds

Sperrgetbiediamonds is a diversified natural resource company that performs land-based exploration, mining and rehabilitation operation and services in Namibia.

OUR Vision

Using innovation to produce diamonds profitably and creating value to make a difference across the diamond industry.

OUR Values


We respect and listen to our people, our communities and the governments.

 Health & Safety

Safety comes first! We ensure everyone works in a safe working environment and all return home unharmed every day.


Creating positive economic and social benefits; partnering with our communities and other stakeholders.


Our qualitative integrity precedes us. Hence, we deliver on our responsibilities and commitments.


We empower our people to share ideas that improve our workplaces and our company to ensure our success.

About Us

We are one of the leading independent diamond mining companies and a consistent supplier of gem-quality diamonds to the international market. We are known for our large, top-quality diamonds, with the highest percentage of large carats.

We combine advanced technology, expertise and traditional exploration to find and mine the most beautiful diamonds in the world. We focus on the highest margin section of the diamond pipeline, involving the mining, processing, sorting and sale of rough diamonds.

 Our purpose of unearthing the world’s most beautiful product as responsibly and efficiently as possible underpins our business model.  In doing so, we contribute to the sustainability of our industry and deliver long-term value to each of our stakeholders.

 We apply our diverse professional expertise to the opportunities while working closely with local governments and communities, supporting their industries and making sure their diamonds help them prosper.

Sperrgebiet Diamonds holds an extensive exploration ground in and around the Elizabeth Bay diamond mine, and we are actively working to extend our areas of exploration for additional sources of diamonds.

Elizabeth Bay Mine

The heart of the operations is along the Elizabeth Bay is a mining town in the southern coast of Namibia, 25 km south of Lüderitz. With land-based operations being centred around Oranjemund and additional activity taking place at satellite mines near Lüderitz as well as along the Orange River.

Our diamond exploration and mining take place along the southern coast and inland areas of Namibia’s  Lüderitz Region. We use a wide array of innovative mining techniques and state of the art equipment to mine diamonds from alluvial deposits of ore bodies. Specialized equipment such are used to extract the resource, create more accretion and sampling, respectively.

Board of Directors

With the appropriate skills, independence and knowledge, our board of directors are developing and improving the corporate management system to ensures the company’s operations comply with the world’s best standards.

Our independent directors ensure the company’s high investment and profitability prospects.

The 4C’s of Diamonds

Every diamond, no matter how large or small, has a set of unique characteristics that determine its value, commonly known as the ‘Four Cs’.


A diamond’s cut is not just a description of its shape; it is the most crucial factor in determining its fire, brilliance and scintillation.

Essentially, the cut of a diamond determines how effectively light that enters the stone is refracted within and reflected through the top of the diamond. A diamond cut to ideal proportion and symmetry will reveal the perfect balance of light back through the top of the stone.


Colour refers to the presence or absence of a yellow or brown tint in white diamonds. The closer a diamond is to colourless, the more rare and valuable it is.

The exception to this is fancy-coloured diamonds, such as deep yellows, pinks and blues, which lie outside the white diamond colour range.

The colour of a diamond is measured on an alphabetical scale starting from D (colourless) to Z. Each letter grade has a clearly defined range of colour appearance that determines its value.


Every diamond has a unique clarity which acts as a fingerprint.  The clarity measures the degree of natural inclusions or imperfections found in a diamond. The closer a diamond is to flawless the rarer it is and the higher its value. Most inclusions are only visible under a 10x magnifying loupe to determine their clarity.

A diamond’s clarity is determined by the number, size, type and placement of the inclusions found in the diamond.

Carat Weight

A carat is a unit of measurement equal to 0.2gm or 200mg.

Carat refers to the weight of a diamond and other gemstones. In the diamond industry, size does count. Large diamonds are rarely found in nature, making them more valuable than smaller diamonds of the same colour and clarity.

This means that the price of a diamond will increase as the carat size of the diamond increases. Beware that the size or carat weight of a diamond alone cannot be used to determine its value. Factors such as colour and clarity should also be considered.

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