An Overview of Sperrgebiet Diamond Mining

Namibia's Sperrgebiet Diamond Mining holds four diamond mining licenses, two on land and two offshore, all within Lüderitz's protected diamond zones.

Elizabeth Bay, some 40 kilometres south of Lüderitz, is home to the bulk of our land-based operations.

Our company aims to be a consistent supplier of high-quality gem diamonds to the international market. We are committed to the highest standards of integrity and responsibility in all aspects of our business and at all stages of the value chain.

We won’t compromise on the requirements as set out by the Natural Diamond Council:

  1. Transparency
  2. Ethical, and sustainable business practices
  3. Making a lasting, positive impact
  4. Environmental stewardship
  5. Promoting the health and well-being of employees


Our diamond resources are known to deliver top-quality small and melee diamonds. We combine advanced technology, expertise, and traditional exploration to find and mine the most beautiful diamonds in the world. We care about the ecological and cultural processes that keep life going, so our biodiversity and community are very important to us. Our purpose of unearthing the world’s most beautiful products as responsibly and efficiently as possible underpins our business model. In doing so, we contribute to the sustainability of our industry and deliver long-term value to each of our stakeholders.

We follow the Code of Practices (COP) as set out by the Responsible Jewellery Council as our pathway to a sustainable business. 


  1. At Sperrgebiet Diamond Mining, we focus on responsible production and consumption. 
  2. We guarantee the country of origin, and we can proudly showcase where the diamond was mined in our mining licence area, be it onshore or offshore.
  3. We support peace and strong institutions. Namibia offers a stable political environment, a geological survey, and legislative frameworks. 
  4. By aligning with the Harambee Prosperity Plan II, we contribute positively to poverty eradication by creating employment and uplifting our communities.
  5. By providing more opportunities for women to work in the mining industry, we promote gender parity and strengthen their standing in the industry.
  6. The usage of renewable energy sources is a priority, and we are dedicated to minimizing our energy use overall. To this end, we are constantly communicating with firms involved in wind, solar, and hydrogen energy generating to expand the transformation of Sperrgebiet into a green energy-providing zone.
  7. At the state, provincial, and federal levels, we work in tandem with government agencies. Opportunities in the Sperrgebiet Diamond Mining license region are also being explored in collaboration with the Green Hydrogen Council.
  8. By teaming up with Youth Entrepreneurial Mentorship Programmes, we hope to encourage local business growth and create more jobs. 
  9. Sperrgebiet Diamond Mining is committed to providing a positive work environment for all employees.
  10. Research on the brown hyena and other endangered species of flora and animals coexists with our efforts to protect them.
  11. We are fully environmentally permitted; therefore, all environmental clearances, compliances, and plans are in place.
  12. It is our responsibility to preserve and educate the public about the history of Elizabeth Bay Mine and Town and Kolmanskop.
  13. Our company is committed to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.  
  14. Working closely with local governments and communities, helping local industries, and ensuring that diamonds help them develop are just a few of how Sperrgebiet Diamond Mining puts our extensive professional knowledge to use.

Sperrgebiet Diamond Mining holds an extensive licence area in and around the Elizabeth Bay diamond mine, and we are actively working to extend our areas of exploration for additional onshore and offshore diamond sources.

To further expand our capabilities, Sperrgebiet Diamond Mining recently announced a majority equity investment by Global Emerging Markets Group (GEM). GEM Group’s current African investments include a majority shareholding in RioZim, which is one of the biggest gold producers in Zimbabwe. RZM Murowa, one of the world’s leading diamond producers, is an affiliate of RioZim and owns a base metal refinery and an energy business unit, focused on generating green energy and minimising the carbon footprint of its mining operations. GEM Group also holds mining and energy assets in Zimbabwe.

Exploration for other precious metals is also a priority for us. We are also interested in learning more about other minerals and metals, as well as renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

The 4 R’s


We value people from all walks of life and believe there is strength in diversity and inclusivity.


We believe that stakeholder collaboration is the key to our success and longevity.


We are stewards of all resources entrusted to us and therefore we shall account for the responsible and ethical utilisation thereof.


We are agile in our quest to stay the course, irrespective of all the challenges that might come our way.



We make our key stakeholders part of the Sperrgebiet legacy and future. Our unique historical background and environment in which we operate are synonymous with the diverse Namibian cultural landscape. Through our operations, we welcome the world to be part of our mining adventure.

Our Board of


With the appropriate skills, independence, and knowledge, our board of directors continuously develops and improves the corporate management system to ensure the company’s operations comply with the world’s best standards. Our independent directors ensure the company’s high investment and profitability prospects.


Senior Leadership

We make our key stakeholders part of the Sperrgebiet legacy and future. Our unique historical background and environment in which we operate are synonymous with the diverse Namibian cultural landscape. Through our operations, we welcome the world to be part of our mining adventure.