Health & Safety at Sperrgebiet Diamond Mining

From employees, contractors, partners, visitors, and all other stakeholders, health and safety is our top priority.

We relentlessly strive towards a zero-injury incident workplace. We are committed to administering a sound life safety management system; hence our safety strategy and management approach are focused on improving our ability to anticipate and prevent injuries to our people.

In addition to minimising risks related to workplace-related injuries, we continuously encourage our employees to lead healthy lifestyles to promote their wellness. Safety comes first! We ensure everyone works in a safe working environment and that all return home safely every day.


We will not compromise on the values of health and safety: 


Creating positive economic and social benefits, partnering with our communities and other stakeholders.


Our qualitative integrity precedes us. We deliver on our responsibilities and commitments.


We empower our people to share ideas that improve our company to ensure our success.